New Arrivial! Japanese Non-Toxic Beeswax Children Crayons

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Bee*na all natural beeswax crayons 16 colors-Made in Japan.

Bee*na crayon is manufactured by Toichi Bungu (東一文具工業所), located in Nagoya, Japan. Toichi has 65 years experience in making crayons with high quality and high safety standards. To make the crayons smooth and avoid unhealthly chemicals, the craftmen in Toichi Bungu are still using manual moldingeven today. All the materials are non-toxic, natural and meet Japanese and European Saftety Standard.

Ingredients of Bee*na Beeswax crayon



Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees and has been used for various purposes like waterproof agents, lubricants, cosmetics, and candles since prehistory. Because it is natural, non-toxic, and edible, it becomes one of the best ingredients to make crayons for children. Even if kids put the crayons in their mouth or swallow it, parents do not have to worry about the ingredients safety.

Carnauba wax 


However, beeswax does not produce glossy effect and a bit sticky. To solve these problems, other edible and non-toxic natural wax is added into the crayons. One of the most common and effective wax to use is call Carnauba wax, also called Brazil wax and palm wax. It is a unique wax comes from the leaves of the Carnauba Palm tree. Carnauba Palm tree is native to northeastern Brazil and grown only there. Because of the geographic limitation to grow Carnauba palm tree, Carnauba wax is more expensive than beeswax. Carnauba wax not only is natural, non-toxic and edible in pure form, it also provides glossy finish. Thus, it is widely used in polishing wax, cosmetics, paper coatings, printing ink, medicine pill coatings and sweet/candy coatings. When carnauba wax is added to crayons, the colors become more vibrant and the touch is less sticky.

Edible oil 


Beside beeswax and carnauba wax, edible oil will also be added into the crayons to make them not flaky, and smoother. Vitamins are added to ensure the color and the texture of the crayons. 




Crayon colors come from pigments and pigments usually contains minerals. To make sure crayon is safe to use, pigments added should meet the food grade safety standards. Food grade means that the material is safe for human consumption or safe to come in contact with food. Another safety standard crayons should meet is the chemical composition including heavy metal and other toxins. Meeting the standard is only basic, it should be as low as possible. One of such safety standard is European Standard CE EN71. CE EN 71 ensure, that all toys sold in the EU meet certain minimum safety standards on the following factors:

  1. Mechanical, 2. Noise 3.Flame retardance 4. Chemical composition 5. Electrical Safety 6. Sanitation 7. Radiation. Depends on the nature of the products, one to all seven factors need to be met to get certified in EN71.


Bee*na Crayons are made with 40% beeswax, carnauba wax, edible oil, vitamins and food grade pigments. They’re CE approved, and EN71 Certified, as well as approved by Japanese safety standard. All the ingredients in the crayons are safe to babies and children even they swallow it. 

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