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ERC32-BK/R compatible Black/Red Ribbon for Epson 6/Box

ERC32-BK/R compatible Black/Red Ribbon for Epson 6/Box

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ERC32-BK/R compatible Black/Red Ribbon for Epson 6/Box

  • Black/Red
  • 6/Box
  • Compatible Dot Matrix Ribbon
  • Replacement for ERC32

Compatible to the following Printers:

Epson 820,
Epson 825,
Epson ERC-32,
Epson M 147 G - TM-H6000 III Slip Printer,
Epson M 820,
Epson M 825,
Epson M-U420,
Epson RP-U420,
Epson TM-H6000 II Slip Printer,
Epson TM-H6000 III Slip Printer,
Epson TM-H6000 Slip Printer,

Epson TM-U672, Epson TM-U675 

ABS System 2000, ABS System 2500, ABS System 3000, ABS System R II E 

Casio CE 2700, Casio CE 4200, Casio CE 4250, Casio CE 4700, Casio CE 6000, Casio CE 6100, Casio CE 7000, Casio PCR 1000, Casio TK 1300, Casio TK 2300, Casio TK 2500, Casio TK 2700, Casio TK 3100, Casio TK 6000, Casio TK 6500, Casio TK 7000, Casio TK 7500 

CRS 2170 

Datasym SC6000C 

Fujitsu DT50II Slip Printer 

ICL DT50 Slip Printer 

NCR 2170 K-079 NCR 2170 K-079 Receipt/Journal, NCR 2170 K-083, NCR 2170 K-083 Receipt/Journal, NCR 2170 K-088, NCR 2170 K-088 Receipt/Journal, NCR 2170 K-097, NCR 2170 K-097 Receipt/Journal, NCR 2170 K-098, NCR 2170 K-098 Receipt/Journal, NCR 2170 K-183, NCR 2170 K-183 Receipt/Journal, NCR 2170 K-188, NCR 2170 K-188 Receipt/Journal Printer, NCR 2173 Kitchen Printer - Old 

Olympia CM-2020, Olympia CM-2220 

Panasonic 5000, Panasonic JS-500 WS, Panasonic JS-5000, Panasonic JS-510 

Posiflex PP-2000 

Sharp ER-3120, Sharp ER-3550, Sharp ER-A510, Sharp ER-A510 S, Sharp ER-A550, Sharp ER-A550 S, Sharp ER-A570, Sharp ER-A610, Sharp ER-A650 

Siemens Beetle 20 W/Epson Printer 

TEC MA 1350, TEC MA 1530 DOT Printer, TEC MA 1535 DOT Printer 

Towa ET 6600, Towa ET 7626, Towa ET 7626 F 

Uniwell NX 5400, Uniwell UX-60, Uniwell UX-60F